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Psychokinesis: Changing the state or position of a physical object, using only the power of the mind. (Roy acquired this ability through the T-Virus) (Ch.15) Dark Cold Magic Power. N/A. Talent. Talent 1. Soul Peer. Explanation: After living beings die, you can easily discover the location of their souls. Talent 2. Demon Blood. Explanation: The demon race is.

This is a ‘will’ of an entire world. Meaning, that to gain a Mark of Mobius, one must swallow an entire world and absorb the ‘authority’, in other words the status of a God, into their. Julia is the fallen angel companion of Demon king Osiris. It was later revealed that she is the soul fragment of Jubileus the Creator from the Bayonetta world. Julia has the ability to. 8 Members 2 Online Moderators Moderator list hidden. Learn More Back to Top r/CustomMadeDemonKing: Official subreddit for the dark fantasy, science-fiction, hit light.

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Custom Made Demon King Fandom. Enjoy the video! By the way this video is using 1B to 1A Vol 21 Rimuru scale so yes he does beat anos here. Btw the design are made by Kai, so go follow him for support. My other social media: Wattpad: ...

Custom Made Demon King Dark Old Demon 3.22 9 ratings2 reviews Roy’s life was nothing special. The only thing commendable was the last few moments when he saved a. Benia. Benia is Roy's second wife. She had a twin sister, whom she held in high contempt. Becomes Roy's lover after helping him become a Demon Lord.

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