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Her Majesty s Swarm Light Novel

Her Majesty's Swarm Edit Add to My List Add to Favorites Alternative Titles Synonyms: Joou Heika no Isekai Senryaku Japanese: 女王陛下の異世界戦略〈ストラテ. About this eBook After a college student finds herself in another world, she becomes the militant queen of a race of insects called the Arachnea. Our protagonist is a college.

Light Novel. Her Majesty's Swarm (女王陛下の異世界戦略, Joou Heika no Isekai Senryaku?, lit. Her Majesty's Otherworld Strategy) or Swarm is a light novel series written by 616th. Publisher Description Our protagonist is a college student who enjoys playing as the evil-aligned faction Arachnea in her favorite real-time strategy game. One day, she.

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Her Majesty s Swarm Light Novel.