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The Elf On The Shelf Cultura

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> culture parents are freaking done with elf on the shelf. The innocent holiday tradition started out as a cutesy way to keep their kids' behavior in check ahead of the holidays, but has been criticized for being a capitalist marketing scheme to indoctrinate children into accepting the surveillance state. That, and parents are tired of coming. The new christmas tradition elf on a shelf:

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Bell got into the elf on the shelf game five years ago when her mother gave her the doll. Your elf will print and cut out the coupons on the cardstock. Next, your scout elf will leave a note instructing kids to pick out a coupon and leave it near them (the elf) when they’re ready to redeem its reward. Your little ones can fulfill each coupon throughout the holiday season! Bell and pitts told huffpost that the elf on the shelf idea dates back to a family tradition from their childhood in georgia in the 1970s. “we had an elf growing up for as long as we can remember. Our elf was named fisbee, and fisbee of course would report to santa claus at night and be back in a different position in our house. Culture, education, history, holidays, politics, racism. The “elf on the shelf” tradition has become massive.