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Tales Of The Unusual Episodes

Tales of the Unusual (Yonimo Kimyōna Monogatari) first aired on Fuji TV in 1990. This anthology series was the successor to a previous Fuji program, Strange.

Drama: Tales of the Unusual; Country: South Korea ; Episodes: 0; Airs: Original Network: jTBC; Genres: Comedy, Supernatural; Tags: Adapted From A. Language Japanese. Studios Fuji Television Network + 14 more. Genres Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery. Inspired by American TV movies like "Hitchcock Theater" and. Discover strange and thrilling depths in Tales of the Unusual. Often the thing that we should be most afraid of... is ourselves. skip content. WEBTOON. Tales of the Unusual Ep. 1 -.

Tales of the Unexpected - streaming online

Tales Of The Unusual (2000) English Subtitles (世にも奇妙な物語 映画の特別編 ) (Yo nimo kimyo na monogatari)

Tales Of The Unusual Episodes. Uploaded by JustYourLocalSubs and provided by DramaCool WARNING: Most of the subs I upload aren't mine, and aren't available on YouTube, im not responsible for the content of these subs, and alot of the subs I upload, I upload before viewing, I am unaware of the content in them, if I watch them I will put the appropriate warnings. If you own...

Tales of the Unusual is a webcomic by Korean artist, Seongdae Oh. It is an anthology series spanning tales between horror, comedy and, at times, love. Though mostly the former. Recap/ comics. Tower of God. A page for describing Recap: Tales of the Unusual. Stories"The Gallery of the Damned": A mysterious gallery in the dream realm can.

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Tales Of The Unusual Episodes.